Are you looking for a new Central Heating Installation?

Whether you need a full central heating installation, an annual central heating service or a central heating repair, Prestige Heating & Plumbing offers an efficient and friendly service.

Our services include gas inspections, plus an installation service for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We can ensure your property is protected in the event of a fire or a gas leak.

Home and Commercial Central Heating

Our engineers also have a wealth of experience in the commercial sector. We cover properties such as schools, factories and nursing homes, plus rented properties too.

Prestige Heating & Plumbing specialises in ALL heating systems. This includes wood burning stoves and underfloor heating. If you are looking for a reliable heating engineer, Prestige is your number one choice.

Central Heating Installation

What type of boiler do I need?

Selecting the right type of boiler for your home or small business isn't always straightforward. Every boiler has different features and the range is vast. Boiler choice is primarily based on:

  • The number of rooms you need to heat.
  • The number of bathrooms or showers you require.
  • Whether you have a loft and/or airing cupboard

At Prestige, we will assess your property and give you the best suggestions to suit your needs.

Visit our boilers page to see what types of boiler are available.

Do I need a mains gas supply to my house?

Central heating systems can be fitted to any property, including those without a mains gas supply. The options available are:

Natural Gas

Natural gas is the most common fuel source for central heating systems. It is directly piped into your house from the mains supply.

Properties with mains gas are generally fitted with a combi boiler or an unvented cylinder.

Natural gas is the most convenient energy supply for central heating as it is cost effective and in constant supply.


If your property doesn't have access to a natural gas network, we can manage the installation of an onsite LPG supply.

LPG is available via replaceable cylinders, or by bulk delivery direct to a larger storage tank. Larger tanks can be sited above-ground or buried. A telemetry unit, accurately notes your gas usage and lets your supplier know when you require a delivery.


In some homes it isn’t practical to have a gas supply. For these homes electric central heating is a great alternative.

Electric combi boilers work much like gas combi boilers. Underfloor heating is also available in electric options.

Other electricity-based systems include storage heaters and infrared heaters.